Wood Fired Cross Draft Kilns

The basic parabolic or "catanary" arch kiln with an internal fire box.  This design provides fast fire features with the ash deposite of a fire box within the ware chamber.
A "cat" kiln made from entirely recycled materials at The University of North Texas circa 2001.

The Cat kiln at USU in Logan, UT.  Photo taken in 2011.
The "cat kiln" at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT.

Two "cat" designs using a single stack, one straight wood and the other wood/soda.  Flagstaff, AZ.
This kiln design uses the basic cross draft idea, but employs a barrel arch (1/2 circle) for construction of the ware chamber.

An elevated platform is constructed from concrete block and a drop down fire box is built at the front.
After bulding the verticle walls, the arch form is placed and the arch is bricked.
This kiln uses a second layer of brick in the arch and has an extended "interlocking" face that allows the exterior wall to be contained by the outer arch.  This design feature uses more bricks, but allows for a tighter seal at the wall to arch connection point.
A photo showing the second layer of brick in the arch.
Photo of the kiln with a metal frame to contain brick crawl during firing.

Kiln with a similar configuration that has taller proportions at UNT, Denton, TX

Small 16 cubic foot cross draft kiln with a bourry box, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Large 40 cubic foot cross draft kiln with a bourry box, Siem Reap, Cambodia.