Project 2

Using the Kiln design parameters introduced in class create a scale, 3 view drawing of your kiln design representing only the brick. 
Learn how to execute a 3 view drawing that can be read by anyone for kiln construction.
graph paper, pen, ruler
Decide on the type of combustion system you will use to fire your kiln. Decide on the type of draft your design will employ.  Design your kiln loading space around 12”X24” shelves.  Using the information in the kiln building materials and basic kiln design sections of the blog begin designing your kiln with pencil.  Once you have checked you design with your instructor for any corrections that need to be made, re-draw the design on graph paper with pencil. The following link provides a basic explanation of 3-view drawing:
The Drawing must be made to scale and executed using a pen and ruler
12”X24” kiln shelves will dictate your design with one 50,000 BTU burner per 4 cubic ft. of loading space
The kiln will be constructed with standard straight bricks
Each view of the kiln on a separate piece of paper (floor plan, front, side)
1 small square on the graph paper is equal to one inch
Your plan should include an estimate of how many bricks needed to build the kiln

Student Kiln Design by Onyx Cy-Peak:  Down Draft Gas Kiln

 Kiln Designed for Multiple Fuel Use by Student Rex Halterman

 Olsen Fast Fire Wood Kiln Plan by
Cassie Fergeson.  
Top: Front view 
Left: Fire box floor plan
Right: Fire chamber floor plan